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Prévisions météo

Les vacances, c’est fait pour se détendre et décompresser. Alors pour vous ressourcer, profitez d’un séjour découverte Art de vivre dans l’arrière pays varois avec au programme hébergement en chambre d’hôtes, dégustation de vin dans les plus beaux domaines viticoles, randonnées bucoliques et visites culturelles.

September in the vineyards

After the summer, we like to treat ourselves to a little break, and escape to places off the beaten track, getting lost in order to find ourselves. This year, a list of guestrooms in the Var hinterlands, each one as enchanting as the last, piqued our curiosity and fuelled our desire. As a result, we chose to take a week in September to explore the vineyards of Provence, which hold a lot of surprises…

Vendanges à Pignans©Var Tourisme / Olivier Simon

Roads less travelled, delicious food and the art of living

Amongst all of the charming establishments, we finally decided on a room in La Commanderie de Peyrassol. Comfortably settled in next to the vines, we had a great time exploring green and inviting back roads. It was a peaceful, harmonious trip that combined relaxation and the art of living, with wine tasting, delicious food, contemporary art and crafts, all against a spectacular natural backdrop.

A gourmet route

We were completely seduced by the food on the estate – all sun-soaked dishes, using flavours that paired subtly with the best vintages. However, we did manage to venture further! The region is overflowing with recommended establishments for curious palates, and we improvised a culinary route, from the Celle Abbey to Saint-Hilaire, from Château Mentone to the terraces of Cotignac, all whilst going at our own pace.

Le cours Gambetta à Cotignac©Office de Tourisme Cotignac
Parc de sculptures contemporaines dans un domaine viticole©Olivier Lanfranchi Coeur du Var Tourisme

Surprising discoveries

Each day was filled with gentle hikes, museums, castles, gardens and wine-tasting. Among the highlights were the surprising discoveries of the Commanderie de Peyrassol contemporary sculpture park or the visit to the Terra Rosa Architectural Ceramic Museum and the pottery workshops in Salernes, born of a union between tradition and modern expression. However, above all, I treasure the memories of relaxing, doing nothing in the cloister of the Abbaye du Thoronet – a moment of magic!

Pauline and André