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Chapel of Saint-Pierre-en-Demueyes
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Chapel of Saint-Pierre-en-Demuyes
Name : Chapel of Saint-Pierre-en-Demuyes
Legend : Chapel of Saint-Pierre-en-Demuyes
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Chapel of Saint-Pierre-en-Demueyes

17th CReligious heritageChapel

Chemin de Demueyes Environ 3-4 kms au nord du village 83840 Châteauvieux
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The chapel, dated from the 17th century, was built on the ruins of an old Cistercian monastery destroyed in the 14th century by armed gangs that were idle during the Hundred Years' War. It could date back to the 12th century.

In Provençal, "mueio" refers to a spring, or a pond in the middle of a meadow, and it is probably the origin of the word "Demueyes" that describes the chapel of Saint-Pierre. On the site there is indeed a beautiful spring that used to be used to cure many diseases. A piece of tissue belonging to the patient was dipped into it, which was then placed in a nearby anthropomorphic tomb (dug in the shape of a human body). The legend also referred to this tomb as that of Saint Pierre, which reinforces the sacred character of the place.

Saint-Pierre's Day is celebrated with dignity every year!

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