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Whether you’re an experienced horse-rider, or just a beginner, you will find a something for you within this incredible sport! With 450km of marked trails, over 100 horse-riding centres and a variety of disciplines available, come and ride in the Var!

A ‘horsey’ destination

Whether you’re going from north to south between the Verdon and the coast, or west to east between Sainte-Baume and the Estérel, you will discover beautiful countryside.
During your rides, explore the Var’s heritage: mountains covered in oak trees, pine, chestnut, eucalyptus, but also villages overlooking the olive groves, viewpoints, castles, fountains…

For beginners, we recommend a ride at a walking pace or in a horse-and-cart, to enjoy the countryside as you get used to the feeling of riding.
For more daring or experienced riders, set off at a gallop through the green mountains or on the red earth, cross rivers or follow the banks of lakes.

There is so much heritage to explore from horseback.

Chevauchée dans les Maures©Var Tourisme / Nicolas Lacroix
Randonnée équestre dans les Maures©Var Tourisme / Nicolas Lacroix

The ‘Equi-Découvertes’ network

This network offers 450km of marked trails in the Maures Massif and the heart of the Var.
Riders of all abilities will find something that suits them.
The ‘Equi-Découvertes’ also includes rest areas, ‘relay’ horse-riding centres and specialised, high-quality accommodation.

Explore the ‘Equi’ Découvertes’ routes

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