Le Plan-de-la-Tour

The village is made up of no less than 25 hamlets, scattered throughout the green landscape. Some are hidden in the hollow of a valley, others leaning against the hill. The Gorgues trail allows you to discover some of them in the cool of the river.
Like many of Le Var's villages, Plan de la Tour grew up around its church then expanded into a series of little hamlets - no less than 25 in fact! The hamlets cover a large area and form a sort of circus, bordered by wooded hills where oaks, maritime pines, umbrella pines, rockrose, broom and mimosa flourish. Some of the hamlets are hidden at the bottom of a valley, while others are built against the hillside. All have their own individual character and pretty name, brimming with authentic charm: Reverdit, Prat-Bourdin, Les Pierrons, Vallaury, Les Ricards, Préconil, Les Gambades, Les Gastons, La Buon Aïgo, etc.
Visitors can discover some of these sites by taking a riverside walk on the Sentier des Gorgues footpath, offering lovely views over the surrounding greenery.

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