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Weekend with friends in Saint Tropez
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Venez découvrir les magnifiques régates des Voiles de Saint-Tropez au mois d’octobre : admirer les somptueux voiliers, vivre l’ambiance des voiles sur le port et dans les ruelles de Saint-Tropez, en profiter pour faire une balade sur le sentier du littoral…un beau programme en perspective.

Weekend with friends

Since Christine and Norbert moved to Paris, when autumn rolls around, we find a new place to meet up and spend a few days together. We all love the sea and sailing, so this year I suggested that we go and see the Voiles de Saint-Tropez. I had found the perfect place to stay – secluded villages in the middle of the gardens. They were all on board! And, in all honesty, we had a great time.

Les Voiles de Saint Tropez©E Bertrand
Les Voiles de Saint Tropez©Gilles Martin-Raget -

Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez

The spirit of the event was perfect for us because it combined the joy of sailing with a party atmosphere, in an unpretentious and spontaneous setting. A sailing lover, Norbert, loved the parade of classic yachts but we were also seriously impressed by the array of ultra-modern boats! We followed a few of the coastline routes, wandering in the Sailing Village, enjoying the on-shore activities in the town.

Exploring Saint Tropez and coastal walks

I had everything planned to guarantee a fun and sporty atmosphere! Coastal walks around Pampelonne, a visit to the old town of Saint-Tropez by boat with La Pouncho, drinks in the Sube bar, as well as some great restaurants. In particular, we had a great surprise dinner at Bistro Pastis for Pascale’s birthday! My friends left smiling and in high spirits – these past few days were a roaring success! What a great way to strengthen those friendships…


Sur le sentier du littoral©Var Tourisme / Laure Pizzocaro