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‘Joutes Musicales de Printemps’ in Correns
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Synchronise your schedules to enjoy a musical weekend with friends before the beginning of the summer. Don’t hesitate – the festivals in the Var are always great fun!

Wanted: a weekend with friends to listen to music

Our friendship group is very dynamic – ideas form constantly, and there is always a programme of activities in the works! One evening, when having drinks, Laurence and Agnès joined us, all excited after their samba lesson because the instructor had told them about a great festival taking place in Correns in the Var region, and they envisaged a 3-day trip with the whole group in May.

©José Nicolas /
©Var Tourisme / Olivier Simon

Off to Correns and its ‘Joutes Musicales de Printemps’

We all love world music, so they didn’t have any problems in convincing us. In 2 hours, using our tablets and mobiles, we had booked to see the 20th ‘Joutes Musicales de Printemps’ festival in Correns. Aurélie had found a gîte where we could stay, Julien collected a few places to eat, whilst Yann studied the line-up.

A musical journey across the world

The festival originated in the ‘Chantier’ – a place of creativity devoted to new musical traditions and world music. Open to artistic expression from all cultures, the ‘Joutes Musicales de Printemps’ has become an unmissable event in the Var. We immediately decided to stay on-site throughout the festival to really make the most.

©José Nicolas /
©Var Tourisme / Christian Raolison

A weekend of encounters and emotions

We went to lots of concerts, danced, laughed, met artists, met other people… It was a wonderful musical journey across the world, full of emotion and unexpected moments of friendship in the Provençal countryside, with the party in full swing.



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