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La Citadelle: museum of maritime history in Saint Tropez
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This museum is an opportunity to meet famous figures from Saint Tropez, such as the Bailli de Suffren or General Allard, as well as the thousands of anonymous people who served the State aboard warships or fought storms on merchant navy ships.

Along an innovative museum route, visitors will follow the sailors of the town across the seven seas: from coastal navigation and fishing along the Provençal coastline to sailing aboard enormous yachts around Cape Horn, from harvesting trips off the African and Indian coasts to the trajectories of ferries along the famous Far East line.

©JL Chaix Ville de Saint Tropez
©Office de Tourisme de St Tropez

La Citadelle has crowned St Tropez for over 400 years, and maritime museum is in its keep. Built between 1602-1608, various additions have been made to the keep over the years, including a large fortified outer wall and a system of moats and counterscarps. As the strongest fortification between Antibes and Toulon, La Citadelle is one of the only monuments of this scale on the coast of Provence. At the foot of the ramparts is a magnificent panorama over the Bay of St Tropez.

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