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Thrills in the Estérel
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If you are a sporting enthusiast, who loves the outdoors and hair-raising thrills, come and enjoy a multi-sports weekend in the Var. On the programme are numerous possibilities to discover breath-taking countryside, such as climbing, Via Cordata, mountain biking and hiking.

Into the wilderness!

A few months ago, I discovered the joy of climbing, and I got really into it – it’s a real passion of mine! I am also a longstanding mountain bike enthusiast, so am now on the lookout for the best places to practise my favourite sports and I carefully select secluded spots in the wilderness… Secretly motivated by the sweet nostalgia of lovely years spent in the Var, and completely swept along by enthusiasm for my new activity, this latest springtime getaway met all of my expectations.

©Var Tourisme / Nico Gomez
©Var Tourisme / Nico Gomez

Climbing the Dramont

Memories, memories… I have fond memories of the Estérel mountains, a real land of plenty for all sport and nature lovers. I found beautiful countryside and a riot of colours: the ochre of the volcanic rocks, the blues of the ocean and the sky, and the typically Mediterranean greens. Coming back to this area to climb the Dramont was a real highlight that combined challenge and emotion.

Opposite the sea

To make the most of my holiday, I landed in Toulon-Hyères airport and hired a car to Saint-Raphaël. The contractor with whom I’d booked my climbing trips had suggested a charming hotel opposite the sea. There, I found my group of fellow climbing addicts, and we spent many a happy evening together. I’m sure we’ll be seeing each other on other climbing routes soon…

©Nico Gomez
©Nico Gomez

Mountain biking in the Estérel mountains

Some of the group were also mountain bike fans, so we hired some bikes and planned a ride through the mountains together. They strongly approved of this different approach to nature, these breath-taking panoramas and, not to blow my own trumpet, the services of their guide, since I was the only one who actually knew the area a bit…
It was the ideal sporty weekend in April, full of friendship, thrills and nature.